Brittany Guttman

Villainous nurse Brittany Guttman

Brittany Guttman (Jessica Harmon) is the main villainess from Backstrom's eighth episode, "Give 'Til It Hurts" (airdate March 26, 2015). She is a registered nurse who was charged with tending to Tad Taymor, who is stricken with a terminal illness. Brittany had developed feelings for Tad, and knowing that he has a wealthy wife, she planned a murderous scheme to gain their wealth.

Brittany rented a car and ran down Tad's wife, Vanessa, in a parking garage, killing her. After that, she gave Tad placebos instead of actual medication, which would increase Tad's need for her. As Backstrom revealed, Brittany's plan was to become Tad's new wife, and figuring that Tad was on borrowed time, she could end up inherting his entire wealth after he passes on. Brittany was later arrested for killing Vanessa Taymor.

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