Brigitte Lindner is the main villainess of one episode of the German crime series Hauptstadtrevier (literally meaning: ‘police precinct in the German capital, Berlin’) (1.6, “Der Vormund” = ‘The Legal Guardian’). She is played by Niki Finger.

The greedy Brigitte Lindner

Ms. Lindner is the boss of the Youth Welfare Office of Berlin and the main responsible for the illegal activities going on there with the embezzlement of money destined to protect orphan adolescents. She has at least two accomplices, Andrea Esser, and her husband (see the entry on Andrea Esser for more information). As the detectives of the “Hauptstadtrevier” begin to focus their investigation on family Esser, they are able to gather enough evidence against Ms. Lindner, too. Since Brigitte is also a former classmate of the detectives’ superior, Marei Schiller, she does not suspect anything as she is summoned to Captain Schiller’s office. With Ms. & Mr. Esser already in police custody (and probably confessing against the corrupt government official), her former school “friend” explains to a surprised Brigitte that she is under arrest. Before the incredulous criminal can react, two police officers enter the room and immediately cuff her hands behind her back. After being told by her former classmate that she never liked her, a complaining and slightly resisting Ms. Lindner is eventually hauled off to prison.

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