Scheming villainess Bridget Dolan

Bridget Dolan (Sabina Gadecki) is a hidden villainess from the 2018 Lifetime film, Dangerous Matrimony (airdate October 26, 2018). She is the wife of business tycoon David Dolan.

The newly married couple was on a vacation retreat, which included the news that Bridget was pregnant with David's child. However, David is later kidnapped and held for ransom, leading to David's assistant, Portia, arranging the rescue, with Bridget's help. The demand was $1 million, and with Portia as a witness, Bridget handed the money to the abductors' leader, Richard, only to turn the tables and take Bridget, while forcing her to take David's wallet.

In a twist, however, Bridget turned heel and revealed herself as Richard's lover, as well as the mastermind of the "abduction." As Bridget herself revealed, she was never pregnant, as David was unable to father children, and part of the ruse involved posing her cousin as her doctor and showing David a fake ultrasound. The villainess boasted about her plan to run off with David's money, but as it turned out, the bag they opened only contained a few thousand dollars and bathroom towels. Bridget figured that Portia had pulled off that ruse, and it was later in the film that Portia figured out Bridget's deception, leading to a call between them.

Portia agreed to let Bridget take the money in exchange for her locket (as the film's climax revealed that it was part of a bracelet that belonged to her murdered sister, Piper, who was killed by David). Bridget agreed to the deal, but later on, Richard was shot to death in David's rescue mission, which ended with him taking Bridget back. David later learned about his wife's ruse, and after this, the evil Bridget pointed a gun at her husband, while talking down to him. Her attempt was unsuccessful, and Bridget later ran off and escaped, with her fate being unknown.

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