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Villainous postal worker Brenda

Brenda (Kyra Harper) is the true main villainess from "Beyond Our Control," episode 2.03 of Warehouse 13 (airdate July 20, 2010). She is the manager of a post office in Univille, South Dakota.

Brenda was introduced in the aforementioned position in the previous episode, "Mild Mannered," as she was briefly encountered by Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer regarding their belongings from Washington D.C., only for Pete to be informed that his stuff hadn't been delivered yet. Pete would receive the same response in "Beyond Our Control," with Brenda adding that she was out of a job due to government cutbacks causing the post office to close.

In response to losing her job, Brenda turned heel and stole a package from the post office, which happened to contain a transmutational 3D projector created by Philo Farnsworth. The projector (which was in a package marked 186A) had the ability to create a hologram of various pictures, an ability Brenda was unaware of when she used the projector to watch classic movies at her home, which the villainess stated she was planning on doing. She would do so while snacking on microwave popcorn, and the microwave caused the images to project all over the town and cause havoc.

The projector was part of a package deal with a camera (labeled 186B), and both were supposed to be headed to the Warehouse. 186B got there, 186A didn't, and after the images were causing havoc, the Warehouse 13 group were on the case. After seeing the empty package in the post office, Pete Lattimer remembered Brenda stating that she was going to watch movies all day, and that led to her being revealed as the culprit who stole the package and ended up causing the chaos. Following her reveal, the evil Brenda defended her actions by stating that her lack of pay for the government led to her stealing the package.

The group used the camera to divert focus away from Dr. Doomsday (a fictional mad scientist who's actions could have destroyed the city) and on to Artie Nielsen, with the benign image preventing the city form destruction. As for TV addict Brenda, she turned off her television after seeing Artie, though her fate was never revealed.

Quotes Edit

  • "I didn't do anything wrong. Wait 'til you see your government pension, you'll start taking things, too." (Brenda's callous defense of her thievery)
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