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Bree Duckowsky (Heather Kirkland Howe) is a minor antagonist in the 2015 family comedy film "The Big Goofy Secret of Hidden Pines".

In the film, two vacationers find, to their surprise, a baby Bigfoot in the woods.  Twelve years later, the couple is living in a small quiet town of Hidden Pines, were Bertie the Bigfoot (Sam Rhodes) lovies with Howard and Jill and their daughter Ally (Ashley Brinkman).  Bertie is being raised like a human.  He is exceptionally smart, athletic and an incorrigible prankster.  However, Betie's lifestyle is about to change.  The Mayor of Hidden Pines realizes how rich and famous he's be as "the man who disvoers the first Bigfoot".  He conspires with his son to trap Bertie and expose his secret by exposing him to the press.  

Bree is a member of the team of hunters that attempt to trap Bertie.  Bree is the wife of Vinny Duckowsky (Don Danielson), the mayor's son.  She is more concerned about her looks than anything else.  A series of slapstick moments ensue.  Bree in one scene, is shot in the face with a water hose and eggs.

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