Brandy (Amber Strauss) is the villainess of "Booty Trapped", a segment of 1000 Ways to Die's Season 2 episode, "Come On, Get Deathy" (airdate January 20, 2010). She is depicted as a beautiful, yet conniving, gold digger.

Summary Edit

Brandy had recently married an elderly millionaire. Turns out, she only loves him for his money. Brandy would often hide inside her high-security vanity room to spend time with her husband's money that she skimmed from his accounts, even after her husband would refuse to raise her allowance due to the economy. While skimming and messing around with her husband's money one night, a minor freak-of-nature earthquake shakes the room, causing heavy bags of money to knock Brandy out and then suffocate her to death.

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