Brace Channing, played by Elizabeth Hurley in My Favorite Martian is a reporter who will do anything to get ahead; she falsely seduces Tim and steals information about Martin's true identity. She is portrayed as the dimwitted yet attractive daughter of a news company who constantly throws tantrums and uses nepotism as an excuse to threaten others.

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After a Jerry Carcia reference which she steals from Tim, Elizabeth is established as a high maintenance news reporter who gets Tim fired for an off camera remark. Then, she accidentally 'drives' into him again and deludes herself into thinking that Tim planted the toy alien spaceship on the beach to trick her into a date. She flicks a cigarette butt onto the alien.

A new producer is hired and Brace is preparing a story on the elderly when SETI arrive and arrest her, thinking that she's the alien. When her DNA reports reveal themselves to be human, she is smart enough to connect the dots regarding Tim's alien story. She acquaints herself with Dr. Colleye, the manager of SETI by breathing into his ear and concocting a story to establish herself as the woman who introduces the man who found the world's first alien. 

She slips on a revealing red dress and invites herself over to Tim's house with some wine. Before Tim can notice, she sees footage on the television of The Martian and steals Tim's videotapes. 

As Brace is about to go on air, The Martian mimicks her body and she is shown delivering a news report in a t-shirt which says "The Number One Most Perverted Male." Meanwhile, her original form is back in the make up room, gagged, and furiously bouncing on the chair. Dr. Colleye chases after Tim and the Martian before spotting Brace. She is initially anxious for him to unbound her but she begins shaking her head angrily when he tells the men outside that she needs to be 'examined,' before closing the door. 

The last time Brace is seen is ironically as the subject of a news report. She has chained herself to a fence and become a firm believer in aliens. 

Elizabeth Hurley OTM gagged (My Favorite Martian)

Elizabeth Hurley OTM gagged (My Favorite Martian)


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