Bounty Hunter 2 Mr Pickles

The evil Bounty Hunter

The female Bounty Hunter is a secondary antagonist in "Where Is Mr. Pickles?", the ninth season one episode of the animated adult swim show "Mr. Pickles". She is voiced by Joey Lauren Adams.

She, along with three male bounty hunters, is hired by Mr. Smilton to find and kill Mr. Pickles, after the canine was caught fornicating with his barnyard animals. Of the four, she actually comes the closest; luring the dog into a shack with a trail of pickles, shooting a tranquilizer dart at him and then tying him to a chair. Her undoing comes when she is about to slit the titular protagonist's throat. He bites off her finger and then manages to decapitate her. It does not stop there, however, as he next dismembers her corpse - fashioning the limbs into gruesome configurations - and then lastly has her skull crushed by the hoof of Smilton's horse as he rides off.

The horse (with the bounty hunter's skull still attached) also makes a cameo appearance in the season one finale "Lair".

Trivia Edit

  • In "Where is Mr. Pickles?", it is revealed that she "was born without genitals."


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