Listed below are the non-story bosses encountered in "Rusty" (ラスティ), a sidescrolling platformer developed for the PC-98 in 1993 by C-Lab. 

Thunderclap (サンダークラップ)Edit

Thunderclap 2 Rusty
Boss of the first stage.
Thunderclap 1 Rusty

Thunderclap concept art.

Angel Kiss (エンジェルキッス)Edit

Angel Kiss 2 Rusty
Boss of the second stage.
Angel Kiss 1 Rusty

Angel Kiss concept art.

Bungee Demon (バンジーデーモン)Edit

Bungee Demon 2 Rusty
Boss of the third stage.
Bungee Demon 1 Rusty

Bungee Demon concept art.

Cablegram Stinger (ケーブルグラムスティンガー)Edit

Cablegram Stinger 1 Rusty
Boss of the fifth stage.
Cablegram Stinger 1 Rusty

Cablegram Stinger concept art.

Screw Driver (スクリュードライバー)Edit

Screw Driver 2 Rusty
Boss of the sixth stage.
Screw Driver 1 Rusty

Screw Driver concept art.

Morning Glory (モーニング グローリー)Edit

Morning Glory 1 Rusty
Boss of the seventh stage.
Morning Glory 1 Rusty

Morning Glory concept art.

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