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The Borg Queen (Alice Maud Krige) was a villianess in the Star Trek Universe [also played by Susanna Thompson]


While the "Hive Mind" of the Borg Collective went around the universe assimilating thousands of species into a Collective Hive Mind the Borg Queen was a focal Queen Bee of the Borg Transwarp Collective, which enabled the Borg to travel anywhere in space. Unlike the Borg drones , the Queen consisted of a head and torso with synthetic arms and legs. Four times the Borg Queen has been in conflict with the United Federation of Planets but failed each time:

  • Star Trek: First Contact" [Movie] The Borg Queen almost succeeds in assimilating Lt Commander Data; however Data - at the cost of his Semi Human Skin destroys the Borg Queen and allows Humanity to explore space using Vulcan technology.
  • Star Trek:Yoyager episode "Dark Frontier" where the Borg Queen tries to assimilate Seven of Nine into the collective again but fails
  • Star Trek: Yoyager episode "Unimatrix 1 and 2" Captain Janeway, Tuvok, et all allow themselves to be assimilated into Borg in order to start a resistance movement against the which the Borg drones assert being individuals--instead of being a mindless collective: the Borg Queen destroyes the "infected" Borg Qube but Janeway and the others escape.
  • Star Trek: Voyager" episode "Endgame 1 and 2" a future [33 years later] version of Captain [Now Admiral] Janeway travels back in time to Voyager in order to get the missing ship home faster; in the process Admiral Janeway is assimilated by the Borg; however she has infected herself with a pathogean deadly to the Borg Queen which causes her body to separate from her artificial limbs causing Voyager to escape within a Borg Spere [the Borg Queen and the Future Admiral Janeway are killed; while the transwarp selfdestructs]. Voyager destroys the Spere & returns home after missing for 7 years [ 2 years more out of its regular 5 year mission.]