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Bonnie Parker is a villainess who appears in the episode"'That Old Gang of Mine'" (S02 E07) of the TV series "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman", in which a scientist starts cloning gangsters from the 1930s and 1940s such as Bonnie & Clyde or Al Capone.  Bonnie Parker is one such clone.

Bonnie was portrayed by Amy Hathaway

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During the episode, she is participating on several robberys. When the criminals wants to kill Lois Lane with cement, she pulls the trigger. At the final confrontation she and her partners tries to kill many people with machine guns, but Superman stoppes the bullets and disarms them but heating up the weapons. Bonnie tries to escape but is stopped by Lois. Lois grabbels her from behind, jumps onto her and rides her like a horse. While doing that Bonnie says "that ain't very lady-like" and Lois replys "I'm a woman of the 90ies and your not much of a lady". Both then fall into a giant birthday cake. Already covered in cake, Lois says "this is for pulling the lever at the cement mixer" and rubs more cake into Bonnies face. Then Lois pushes Bonnies face into the cake, leaving her there unconcious. At the final arrest scene she is not shown, but she is presumably arrested like the rest of the gangsters.

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