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Blu Steele
(Julie Strain) is a secondary antagonist in the 1993 action movie "Fit to Kill".

Blu Steele is the hired assassin and right hand woman of the film's main villain, Kane (Geoffrey Moore).

Their plot is to steal the famed Alexa diamond from Chang (Aki Aleong). However, after succeeding, Blu, along with the remaining villains are thwarted by The Agency (made up of an impressive display of large breasted women).

In true Sidaris fashion, Blu Steele is blown up while trying to escape on a boat.


  • Julie Strain appeared as Jewel Panther in the 1993 action film "Enemy Gold"..
  • Julie Strain appeared as Black Widow in the 1994 film "The Dallas Connection".


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Fit to Kill-Julie Strain

Fit to Kill-Julie Strain

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