Blonde Serial Killer

The evil Blonde Serial Killer

The unnamed Blonde Serial Killer is the villainess of The Plot In You's music video for Not Just Breathing (release date November 16, 2017). The blonde woman was first shown sitting alone in a dance club, where she was soon joined by a man whom she shared a passionate kiss with.

But later on, the voluptuous vixen was revealed as a psychotic serial killer, as shown as she sat with a man while he smoked and watched a pair of strippers perform. As the woman seduced her mate, she suddenly turned heel and stabbed him in the neck with an ice pick from a nearby bucket of ice and gouging his eyes with her thumbs. She was also shown attacking and presumably killing another man, strangling him on a couch.

The murderous blonde was lastly shown with two other men, one at the bar of presumably the same club and another in a car. Like her other lovers, the evil blonde killed her first date by hitting him with a bottle before repeatedly punching him, and the other by suffocating him with a plastic bag. The final scenes of the video showed the woman dancing with the rest of the clubgoers, who were all now drenched in blood along with the murderess.

Videos Edit

The Plot In You - Not Just Breathing (Official Music Video)

The Plot In You - Not Just Breathing (Official Music Video)

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