Blonde Mother

The villainous Blonde Mother

The unnamed Blonde Mother (Amanda Kwolyk) is the villainess of "Hospital", a promo for the Lifetime Movie Network (airdate November 4, 2016). The ad opened with the blonde woman having just given birth to a baby girl, who is given to her by a nurse.

While initially happy at her child's birth, the new mother was quickly irritated by her infant's loud crying (which begins after the nurse leaves the room). As the mother unsuccessfully tried to comfort her baby, she noticed another infant lying calmly in one of the hospital beds.

Eventually, the mother turned heel and put her baby back in its' bed while picking up the quiet infant, with the villainess seemingly intending to abduct the child. But the blonde mother's plans were halted when the nurse returned to the room, catching her red-handed. The ad ends with the attempted kidnapper's fate being left unknown.

Videos Edit

Lifetime Movie Network- Hospital

Lifetime Movie Network- Hospital

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