Blonde Kidnapper

The psychotic Blonde Kidnapper

The unnamed Blonde Kidnapper (Paula Hamilton) is the villainess of Take That's music video, How Deep Is Your Love, a cover of the original Bee Gees song (released in March 1996).

The video opened with the blonde woman entering her basement, wearing a red dress, where she had the members of Take That (Gary Barlow, Jason Orange, Howard Donald, and Mark Owen) tied to chairs. As the band sang the song, their deranged abductor seductively felt with her bound victims and danced around the room, even threatening Gary with a fork at one point.

Later on, the psychotic blonde took her captives to a lake, placing the four men (still tied to chairs) at the edge of a cliff. The psychotic villainess once again toyed with Gary, tipping his chair back and holding him by the ropes binding him to the chair. Suddenly, her fingers slipped, presumably sending Gary falling off the cliff to his death. After briefly expressing shock, the evil kidnapper grinned as she turned to the remaining three men and walked offscreen, ending the video with the implication that she intended to kill the rest of the band members.

Videos Edit

Take That - How Deep Is Your Love (Official Video)

Take That - How Deep Is Your Love (Official Video)

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