The evil Blonde Demon

The unnamed Blonde Demon (Tessa Netting) is the main villainess from Cannibal, a horror-comedy short film from Crypt TV (release date September 5, 2017).

The short film features the blonde and her friend dining at a restaurant, with the blonde ordering steak and lobster after her friend orders a kale salad. When asked about her dining choices, the blonde states that her trainer wants her to eat more protein. This leads to the blonde's friend chastising her for eating meat, stating that meat is murder and calling her a "heartless bitch".

At that moment, the blonde flashes glowing red eyes, revealing herself as a demon, and later rips out her friend's heart, killing her instantly. The film ends with the evil blonde taking a bite out of her friend's heart.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Not so heartless now." (The Blonde Demon's line after ripping out her friend's heart from her chest.

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Cannibal - Funny Short Horror Film - Crypt TV

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