Official artwork of Tyler herself

Blond Tyler is a female Ranger from Dungeon Fighter Online. She is a woman with a long wavy blonde hair (like her namesake) and a slender physique. She wears a white low-cut vest with a black tubetop underneath, a black miniskirt with a black leather belt around her waist, black high heels, a pair of leather gauntlets and a gray ribbon adorning her long hair. She wields a pair of gunblades with a chain attached to both of them

She awaits the player in the Tower of Despair's 7th floor. She mostly focuses on ranged attacks, but she packs a punch with her Chain Snatch and Chain Powder. Tyler is notorious for having a low cooldown time, which enables her to spam out skill attacks at the player. She also uses Gun Dance to take out the player when in contact. Should the player take advantage between cooldowns, she can be defeated as soon as possible to advance to the next floor



  • Tyler is actually a masculine name, which is seldomly used for women. It's probably a mistranslation of Taylor
  • Tyler could be modeled after female characters in Western action movies, usually depicted as blonde bombshells that often fights using handguns



Tyler's in-game appearance and pre-battle intro (Korean server)

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