Blitzkrieg 1 Catwoman
is the primary antagonist of the 2007 comic "Catwoman #66:Catwoman Dies, Part One" and a secondary antagonist in "Catwoman 67: Catwoman Dies, Part Two". She was created by created by Will Pfeifer and David Lopez.

Blitzkrieg's first appearance is in Catwoman #66 where she kidnaps, binds and gags a young girl named Amanda and gloatingly explains over a live web-stream that she plans to execute her; proclaiming that she is the "newest, baddest, latest, greatest villain in Gotham". Holly Robinson (as Catwoman) manages to infiltrate her hideout and, after a brief scuffle, knocks Blitzkrieg out before she is able to harm the child. The villainess regains consciousness shortly after, but is quickly incapacitated once again by Detective Lenahan.

Blitzkrieg has a smaller role in Catwoman #67, appearing briefly where Selina Kyle (as Catwoman) swipes her gloves in order to defend herself against Sickle and Hammer. Her method of attack comes from a pair of expensive gloves, that she bought from a crazy all-female terrorist cell, which project explosive flame blasts from her fingertips.

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