Mildred "Blaineley" Stacey Andrews O'Halloran is an evil babe from Total Drama series. She is voiced by Carla Collins.

She was the host of tabloid show Celebrity Manhunt and made her first appearance in the Total Drama Action season finale special, where she and her co-host Josh covered the Total Drama Reunion Special. She later appeared on Total Drama World Tour's aftermath, in which her ratings-crazed and self-absorbed personality began to come out. Due to a misunderstanding during a contest, Blaineley was sent to compete in the show, introducing herself with "Blanierific"

She was eventually eliminated along with Courtney, but not before revealing three dramatic secrets: Ezekiel (who had previously been eliminated) was still hiding on the plane, Cody had once again voted for Sierra, and that everyone knew Heather and Alejandro were into each other. When Chris mocked her breakdown, the evil Blaineley retaliated by revealing that Chris had only been hired to host Total Drama when she turned the job down. Enraged, Chris pushed both Courtney and Blaineley off the plane, causing the blonde villainess to be extensively injured.

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