Black Nurse 1 Dengeki Nurse

Black Nurse's appearance in the first game...

Black Nurse
 is the primary antagonist of the 1992 PC-98 visual novel adventure game "Dengeki Nurse" (電撃ナース) as well as a secondary antagonist in the game's 1994 sequel "Dengeki Nurse 2: More Sexy" (電撃ナース2 ~モアセクシー~).

In the first game, she is the leader of "Black Cross" - a criminal organization made up of evil nurses.

Black Nurse 2 Dengeki Nurse

Black Nurse 3 Dengeki Nurse

Black Nurse's new cyborg form...

Black Nurse was thought to have been killed during the final battle with the titular heroine at the end of the first game, but returns in the sequel as an underling to Black Cross's new leader, Jigoku Nurse, with new mechanical anatomy to replace the arm, legs and part of her face that was destroyed. She is the first major villain encountered by Dengeki, who manages to finish Black Nurse off for good during the battle. 

Black Nurse 11 Dengeki Nurse

Final defeat...

Black Nurse 5 Dengeki Nurse

On her throne, commanding her many nurse minions...

Black Nurse 6 Dengeki Nurse

After their many failures, she takes matters into her own hands, and hops onto her right-hand, PePe...

Black Nurse 7 Dengeki Nurse

Things aren't looking good...

Black Nurse 8 Dengeki Nurse

...for Dengeki...

Black Nurse 9 Dengeki Nurse

...or her friends.

Black Nurse 10 Dengeki Nurse

Ultimately, however, Dengeki proves victorious.

Black Nurse 12 Dengeki Nurse

Back with a vengeance as "Black Nurse RX"...

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