Black Heart (Noa Tishby) was a villainess in the 2005 episode "Malice in Wonderland" (Season 8 Ep. 158) for the TV series "Charmed".

Black Heart was an upper-level demon and a member of Paul Haas's collective of demons. She worked closely with him and was a vital part of his plan to lure the Charmed Ones out of hiding.

When Paul Haas started to suspect the Charmed Ones were still alive, he came up with a plan to lure them of out hiding. He had Black Heart lure innocent teenagers into a trap, where they were driven insane through Alice in Wonderland illusions. She either seduced them with her charms or shapeshifted into a rabbit to lure them down the Rabbit Hole. She and Haas would then torture them with illusions and send them back on the streets; alone, confused and paranoid.

Unknown to the demons, their plan drew the attention of a young witch. She confronted Black heart in an alley, leading to a fight that was eventually interrupted by a glamoured Paige Matthews. When Billie confronted the demons yet again, she was trapped in their illusions until the Charmed Ones arrived and vanquished Black Heart, thus ending the illusion. Paul Haas finally learned the truth before promptly being vanquished as well.


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