Black Deer

The evil Black Deer

Black Deer (Eleanor Matsuura) is a villainess from the 2015 film, Blood Moon. She is a Navajo guide who aids Marshal Wade Norman during his hunt for bank robbing brothers Jeb and Hank Norton, though during the journey, Black Deer warns Wade about a bloodthirsty skinwalker (werewolf) who comes out during a blood moon.

Later in the film, Black Deer is revealed to be a witch, but during a confrontation with Wade, she reveals that she is also a half human, half skinwalker. Black Deer stated that she has the ability to transform into a werewolf hybrid when her bestial side takes over during a blood moon, and that her kind is hunted by both humans and werewolves. Wade concluded that Black Deer needed the white ash, which is deadly to skinwalkers, to protect herself.

At that moment, Black Deer turned heel and transformed into a werewolf, growing long claws through her fingers and showing bestial facial features. Shortly afterwards, the evil Black Deer attacked Wade and escaped before he could shoot her with silver bullets. In the end of the film, Black Deer is shown in her human form with werewolves coming after her.



Blood Moon Werewolf Western Transformation

Blood Moon Werewolf Western Transformation

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