Billie Jean is a criminal from the episode No More Mr. Nice Guy (S07 E05) of the series The Dukes of Hazzard. She is played by Audrey Landers.

Billie Jean3

In this Episode the series long time villain Boss Hogg tries to get the Dukes arrested by planting stolen good to them. He then looses his memories after an accident. The criminals who are lead by Billie Jean are not happy with the situation and want the stolen goods back. They Boss Hogg first and then kidnap him. When the Dukes arrive, Billie Jean tries to escape by car but get stopped by Daisy Duke. Billie Jean tries to flee by foot but Daisy tackles her from behind and lands on top of her. Daisy wants to knock out Billie Jean with a punch. But Billie Jean faints unconcious in the right moment. The unsatisfied Daisy could not knock her out by herself says: "Wake up, I'm not through with you yet!". That's the last we see from her, but she is presumably arrested later.

Billie Jean is much smaller than her two male partners but she oviosly has the pants. She is really bossy and self confident. That makes her coward demise even greater.


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