Billie (Lori Williams) is a secondary antagonist in the 1965 exploitation film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, directed by Russ Meyer.

Rosie and her cohorts Varla (Tura Satana) and Rosie (Haji)  are go-go dancers who one day drive out in the desert for a little fun. Varla, who besides possessing the largest cleavage and a domineering personality, is evidently the leader of the group. After a game of chicken with sports cars which Varla easily wins, the group comes across a young, naive girl, Linda (Susan Bernard). When Varla starts tormenting Linda, Linda's boyfriend Tommy (Ray Barlow) intervenes. Varla challenges Tommy to a fight, which ends with her killing him by breaking his neck. Varla drugs and kidnaps Linda.

Later, at a gas station, they encounter an old wheelchair-bound man (Stuart Lancaster) and his dim-witted, muscle-bound son, "The Vegetable" (Dennis Busch). The gas station attendant (Mickey Foxx) informs them that the old man is in possession of a large amount insurance money from a railway accident. Varla hatches a scheme to steal the money.

Following the old man back to his ranch, the girls are served lunch by him, the Vegetable and his other son Kirk (Paul Trinka). Varla takes steps to seduce Kirk to goad the money's location out of him (suggestively staring at him while eating corn on the cob) while Billie watches Linda. Varla's plan is interrupted when Billie gets drunk and lets Linda escape. The old man (a misogynist who planned to rape Linda) and the Vegetable track her down. Intermediate events lead to Kirk deciding to save Linda and take her into town on foot (the old man threw the truck keys away).

With Kirk and Linda gone, Varla decides to kill the men and Linda. Billie, a habitual complainer, refuses to go along, so Varla kills her by throwing a knife in her back. Rosis and Varla are soon killed.  Rosie was stabbed to death, and Varla was run over with a truck.


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