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Billie (Debra K. Beatty) is an antagonist in the 1995 sci-fi film "Caged Heat 3000".

Billie is the leader of a white supremacist gang of prison girls.  The prison is on a remote asteroid 45 million light years from earth.   The prison guards sell drugs to the women, have sex with them, and rape and torture them.  The most dangerous of the girls are thrown into a certain portion of the prison where 

The warden has aspirations of becoming a politician, so when a news crew comes on board, he does whatever he can to keep the peace.  However, Kira Murphy (Lisa Boyle) humiliates him due to an altercation.  As a result, Kira is sent to the dangerous section, eventhough she was wrongfully imprisoned in the first place.  Because of her fighting abilities, Kira becomes a wanted comodity for both factions of the two main gangs.  Billie tries to convince her to become part of her gang, but she refuses.  As a result, Billie sends many of her henchwomen to attack her, and each are soundly defeated.

In one scene it has Billie whipping the warden in a shower, before he has sex with her from behind.

Billie and Ruggs (Zaneta Polard), the leader of the rival gang, stab Daly (Kena Land) who is one of the friends of Kira.  Daly was a one-time lawyer, and was unsuccessful in landing Billie an appeal to her sentence.  Later Billie kills Candy (Hilary Cummings) with a knife while she is taking a shower.

In the end, a huge gang fight takes place.  Kira gets into a fight with both gang leaders including Billie, who has suddenly teamed up with her rival.  Billie is knocked out as well as her rival Ruggs.  Billie is able to get a confession from both of them on camera and in front of the warden, that they were responsible for killing two of the inmates; Daly and Candy.  As a result, both Ruggs and Billie are led away by guards, and Kira is said to be released.

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