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Bianca Morgan (Ann Turkel) and Tanja (Randi Brooks) are two beautiful Ladies in the 1985 episode "Knight in Retreat" for the TV series "Knight Rider".

The two and her males extort male persons with recordings they make while the lovely Bianca seduces them. In this way, they come to arms for their evil plans. However Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) finds out what they are doing and tries to go on the track. When he tries to spy, he is discovered immediately.  He attempts to improvise, but when they find out the Michael of the lovely blond Tanja ever came into the quarry, by the removal of his glasses the only normal glass, they realized that he is Michael.

Then the two have cruelly tortured him electrically, so he says what he knows. He said nothing and became unconscious. When Bianca sent a helper to torture him, he could free himself and push her away. Subsequently Michael gave himself a chase with the EBs whereby Tanja fell with the fight with Michael from the vice and died and Bianca was arrested.


  • Ann Turkel appeared as Louise in the 1994 episode "What Money Can't Buy" for the TV series "Robocop".
  • Randi Brooks appeared as the wicked witch Bethel in four episodes of the 1983 TV series "Wizards and Warriors".


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