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Evil crime boss Bianca Ruiz

Bianca Ruiz (Carolina Gómez) is the main villainess from "Sympathy for the Goddess," the penultimate episode of Lucifer's second season (airdate May 22, 2017). She is a tequila magnate and the mother of aspiring rapper Chet Ruiz, but she is also a criminal smuggler, as she uses her tequila business as a front to sell guns and drugs, among other things.

When Zeke Moore, who was met by Charlotte (Lucifer's mother), was murdered, his connection to Bianca opened an opportunity for Chloe to take her down once and for all. With the help of Charlotte (who had been representing Bianca), Chloe gets into a gathering at Bianca's home, where it was revealed that Chet killed Zeke, as Chet claimed that Zeke was going into business for himself. However, Bianca revealed to her son that she was going to receive 30% of what Zeke was going to make, and she scolded him for his actions.

Chet's phone was left at the scene as evidence, and knowing that it could get back to Bianca, the villainess ordered Charlotte to steal the phone for her--threatening to keep what Zeke was selling Charlotte, which (unbeknownst to Bianca) was the key piece of the Flaming Sword. Charlotte follows Bianca's order and takes the phone, and she returned it to Bianca, all while wearing a wire. Bianca gave Charlotte a key to a safe deposit box, which contained a book written in Sumerian, and after being caught on tape by Lucifer and Chloe, the latter busted in with police and arrested the evil Bianca.




Carolina Gomez in Lucifer S2E17