Bethany Miller

Evil gold digger Bethany Miller

Bethany Miller (Jazz Raycole) is the villainess of "Real Dead Housewife of Seattle", episode 2.03 of iZombie (airdate October 20, 2015). She was the personal stylist to Terrence Fowler, who was married to the snobbish Taylor Fowler. Unbeknownst to the couple, Bethany was a serial gold digger who had past charges of blackmail, larceny, and fraud on her record, committing her crimes under various aliases.

A year and a half prior to the episode's events, Terrence met Bethany on, where Bethany was looking for her next victim under the alias Harmony. The two began an affair and Terrence gave her a job as his stylist as a way to continue their liaison. But eventually, Bethany grew tired of sharing Terrence with his wife and began plotting to get rid of Taylor. Bethany seduced small-time thief Joe Fricano and eventually hired him to find dirt on Taylor she could use to get Terrence to leave her, which he did by uncovering her affair with Max Rager founder Vaughn Du Clark. But when Terrence stayed with Taylor, the evil Bethany changed her plans--by paying Joe to murder Taylor. Her plan not only killed her love rival, but also put Joe in a coma when Taylor fought back and sent both herself and Joe falling off her balcony.

Over the course of Clive and Liv's investigation, Bethany struck up a friendship with Liv (helped out by Liv having taken on Taylor's fashion-centric mannerisms after eating her brain). Bethany and Liv bonded over clothes when Liv came to her house to pick up a pair of shoes she had found for her and eventually invited her to join her at an exclusive boutique, which Liv accepted. Bethany's villainous reveal came when Clive talked with the manager of the car stereo installment shop Joe worked for, who revealed that he had been seeing a girl whom had him "wrapped around her finger". After he identified Bethany from her SugarDaddio profile, Clive called Liv to warn her as she was at the boutique with Bethany. Liv tried to keep Bethany at the store, but she somehow detected that she was caught and elbowed Liv in the face before making a run for it. Liv tackled her into a display of shoe boxes, and Bethany countered by macing Liv. This caused Liv to go into "full on zombie mode" and punch Bethany until she was knocked out. Bethany tried to argue in interrogation that Clive and Liv had no proof, but Clive proved her wrong when he revealed that they had uncovered her past offences and that they would uncover her complicity in Taylor's death while she was in prison for them.

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