Beth Siles

The villainous Beth Siles

Beth Siles (Kaela Dobkin) is the secondary villainess of "Forget Me Not", episode 4.20 of Crossing Jordan (airdate May 8, 2005). She was a nurse and the best friend of Sarah Soble, the mother of young Madeline "Maddy" Soble and the ex-wife of Phillip Soble.

With Sarah being in a bitter custody battle with Phillip, Beth colluded with Sarah in a plot to stage Maddy's kidnapping in order to escape and prevent Phillip from taking Maddy from Sarah. Beth committed the actual "abduction", doing so on the same night she shared dinner with Sarah and her new boyfriend, M.E. Nigel Townsend.

Unbeknownst to Nigel, Beth had spiked the fruit punch they were all drinking with codeine so Nigel (who spent the night with Sarah) wouldn't wake up as she snuck Maddy out of the house, painting a message on the wall in blood she had previously drawn from the young girl to make it appear she was being held for ransom. Later on, she called Phillip (disguising her voice) and demanded a million dollars for Maddy's return. Phillip gave up the money and Sarah was set to deliver the ransom. But as she approached the van Beth was in, detective Woody Hoyt arrived (having been secretly informed about the situation by M.E. Bug), causing Beth to drive off without the money. She later planted more of Maddy's blood at a boat dock to make it appear that she had been killed by her abductors.

Beth and Sarah's scheme was uncovered when Bug found formaldehyde in the blood found at the boat dock and M.E. Jordan Cavanaugh found traces of codeine in Woody's toxicology report. After recalling how neither Beth or Sarah drank the fruit punch the night of Maddy's disappearance, Woody realized what they had done and confronted Sarah in her apartment, finding Beth in another bedroom with Maddy packing a bag. Maddy went on to reveal that she had been at Beth's house the entire time and how she and Sarah were planning to take her to New Zealand. After Sarah unsuccessfully tried to convince him to come with them, Nigel reported Sarah and Beth to the police and they were shown being brought into the station in the episode's ending.

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