Beth Johnson

Villainous henchwoman Beth Johnson

Beth Johnson (Danna Brady) is a villainess from "Law and Disorder", the penultimate episode of CSI: Miami's tenth and final season (airdate March 25, 2012). She was introduced as a resident at the apartment building of recently murdered journalist Denise Baines, with her apartment being inspected by Calleigh Duquesne and Eric Delko.

As Eric was preparing to take a dress of Denise's that had semen on it to the lab, he overheard a domestic dispute between a man and woman, finding Beth being accosted by her presumed lover for giving a pizza guy her phone number after leaving the boxed evidence by Denise's front door. Beth accidentally punched Eric when he went to intervene, with Eric eventually calming the feuding pair before asking them about Denise. Beth claimed Denise was promiscuous and often brought men to her apartment, taking Eric's card before going back into her apartment while Eric sent her lover to calm down.

Later on, the semen was found to belong to Miami councilman Randall Stafford, only for his lawyers Darren Vogel and Gabrielle Wade to have the evidence deemed inadmissible due to Eric having left them unattended. After Darren and Gabrielle similarly kiboshed the evidence the team found against Delonte Cassell, Eric was looking through a list of Darren's past clients with Walter Simmons when he recognized a man named Clyde Novack as the man he encountered during the domestic dispute, leading to the reveal that Clyde and Beth were not lovers, but conspirators in Darren and Gabrielle's plot to clear Randall's name and cover up the fact that Darren had orchestrated Denise's murder when she came too close to uncovering his various crimes as a lawyer. For their part, the evil Beth and Clyde staged a fight near Denise's apartment while Calleigh and Eric were investigating it, with Beth having Clyde start up the argument after seeing Eric leaving the apartment with the evidence. The episode ended with Gabrielle taking responsibility for Darren's actions and being arrested, leaving Beth's fate unknown.

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