The villainous Beth

Beth (Sonja Bennett) is the villainess of "The Getaway", episode 1.15 of Tru Calling (airdate April 1, 2004). She was the girlfriend of Charlie, and the episode saw the two going on a robbing spree, holding up various businesses for money. As part of their ploy, Beth posed as an innocent bystander that Charlie would use as a hostage to get the money. Beth and Charlie's first two targets were an arcade and a clothing store.

The couple's third target was a diner, with the couple committing the robbery as series protagonist Tru Davies was meeting with Michelle Carey, the reporter who had been hounding her in an attempt to learn why she was connected to so many police cases. During the robbery, an off-duty police officer tried to intervene, resulting in a shootout that ended with Charlie fatally shooting Michelle.

Tru's powers caused the day to rewind, and Tru decided that she had to intervene in one of the previous robberies in order to save Michelle and keep her secret hidden. Beth was revealed as Charlie's accomplice after Tru prevented their robbery of the clothing store, running into a disguised Beth right after Charlie ran out. When Beth ignored Tru's warning about him, Tru went after her and accidentally pulled off her wig, recognizing Beth as the "hostage" from the diner robbery. Beth and Charlie escaped, and Charlie attempted to convince Beth they needed to stop their spree now that Tru was onto them. But Beth refused to believe Tru knew anything and went to the diner herself, taking Charlie's gun with her.

As Beth was holding up the diner, Tru arrived and tried to talk Beth down along with the off-duty officer from before. When Michelle entered the diner against Tru's previous warning, Beth grabbed the reporter and took her as a hostage, pointing the gun at her side. But after an intense standoff, during which Charlie entered the restaurant and begged Beth to turn herself in, Beth released Michelle and put the pistol on the ground. The police soon after swarmed into the diner (having been called by Tru's boss Davis) and Beth was arrested along with Charlie.

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