Bessy 01 - Storie Feroce
is the villainous co-protagonist of "Un Bel Colpo di Culo" (A Nice Piece of Ass), the third story of the 1988 erotic Italian comic "Amerika 2000 n.7", also titled as "Storie Feroci".

Bessy helps her boyfriend Vincent steal goods from unattended parked cars. After one such heist, the duo find a videotape among the plunder, which turns out to be a sex-tape between two women. Vincent quickly recognizes one of the women as Vivian Saxon, one of the United States top-models. Knowing that it would scar the model's career if the tape ever got released to the public, the two hatch a plan to blackmail her.

Vincent manages to track down Vivian's phone number and tells her to come to a secluded cabin, where he and Bessy then wait. The two extortionists demand $10,000 as well as a threeway in exchange for their silence. Between a rock and a hard place, Vivian complies with the sex, and afterwards, says that she will bring the money to the cabin later that night.

What Vivian brings instead, however, is her boyfriend, Jill Cooper - who happens to be the crime boss of Nashville Tenesee - along with two of his henchman. The thugs then wrap the naked Bessy and Vincent up in barbed wire and then tie it to the backs of each of their cars, where the two protagonists are subsequently dragged to death.

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