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Bertha Bombshell (Juliana Hansen) (nee Crackenshell) appears in "Pageant Problems". She was a former girlfriend of Jerry Lewis. She stole the WOOHP aging reversal serum after Jerry dropped his WOOHP ID in the outdoor parking lot. The girls arrive at headquarters after being WOOHPed and Jerry discovers that the aging reversal serum that he developed is missing. Alexandra discovers a hair strand. After analysis it is revealed that Bertha Bombshell is responsible for stealing the serum. Jerry sends the girls to investigate to Liverpool, England where Bertha lives.

While they investigate her house they discover a picture of her winning second place as "Ms. Fish and Chips". They realize Bertha wants revenge for being picked as second place. When they communicate with Jerry he reveals to them that he once dated Bertha much to their shock. He then tells them that the aging serum eventually deteriorates and orders them to take Bertha into custody to remove the serum's effects. The girls realize that Bertha is a contestant in the upcoming charitable teen contest and that is why she stole the aging serum to become her youthful self.

Before the talent portion the girls attempt to stop Bertha. Sam uses the Web Sling Ring to stop her but backfires and the girls get caught instead. While they are trapped Bertha explains that her aim is to be the winner of the charitable teen contest. As she leaves the girls behind, the serum's effects come into effect and her body begins to mutate soon becoming elastic. Noticing her condition during the talent portion of the competition, the host eliminates her from the competition.

Angered, Bertha goes on a rampage. In her mutated form she stretches both of her legs and stomps on the stage causing the audience to flee. The girls free themselves and fight Bertha. Clover and Sam manage to hit her with sonic missiles from the Motorboat leaving her to fall into the ocean. Still refusing to give up Bertha attacks the boat with punches. Eventually the girls succeed in defeating her with their gadgets. Jerry finally shows up and Bertha apologizes to her former boyfriend. Jerry comments that she is still the second place of "Ms. Fish and Chips" before taking her into custody.

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