Bertha was a contractor and former singer in the animation Darker than Black, working for Russian Intelligence along with Itzhak.<figcaption></figcaption> She has a brutal, maladjusted, highly sadistic, and extremely cruel and ruthless personality.

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Episode Edit

1st season 13~14 Episodes.

Appearance Edit

Rotund woman with purple hair, purple eye shadow, pink lipstick and green eyes.

Ability Edit

Sound Resonance Manipulation: When she projects and hits an object with the same frequency, the vibration begins to resonate throughout the object, strengthening until the object shatters like glass. The target she chooses can literally be anything, including vital organs. By matching the hearts resonance frequency, she can cause a heart attack.

Obeisance: She has to Eat cigarette butts when she uses her power.

Story Edit

Bertha appears in a meeting point to meet up with her partner Itzhak. After killing a person following them, Itzhak arrives, admonishes her for killing the man when their mission was only to establish numbers, identities and abilities of their targets. He then clears the area of the specters dolls sent to spy on suspicious activity. One of the specters turn out to be Yin's. The two trace down Yin, and are about to capture her, but for the interference of Hei.[1]

Fate Edit

Itzhak and Bertha manage to track down Yin yet again, this time to an abandoned building. Hei battles her, and she apparently kills Hei by causing a cardiac arrest. Hei however restarts his heart by sending an electric shock to his heart. While she is surprised, Hei catches her with a wire and sends an electric charge along it, electrocuting her.[1]

References Edit

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