Red Tiger 1.png

Benitora (紅虎/"Red Tiger"), played by Nishina Yuki (仁科夕樹), is a henchwoman and ultimate antagonist in the erotic action film "The Play Girls Part 2: Hadaka no yoru no nôsatsu-ken" (ザ・プレイガールズ2 裸の夜の悩殺拳). She is the mistress of a crime boss named Haku Ryū (白竜) and has been blowing up random buildings around Tokyo.

Red Tiger is confronted and incapacitated by one of the Play Girls at her hideout, and Haku Ryū is killed. However, the villainess returns to this same heroine's apartment later on and murders her lover, Kato (ケイトー), instigating a final showdown between the two. While much of the violence in the film up until that point has been pretty cartoonish (ash-covered faces with smouldering, disheveled hair when the playgirls are in range of an explosion) this fight is actually fairly gruesome, with the heroine biting off Red Tiger's nipple, ripping out her intestines, and then delivering a fatal succession of punches, the last of which dislodges the villainess's eye from her socket. 

Having successfully blown up her latest target.

Ryu watches from behind as she prepares to fight the Play Girls.

Red Tiger finally succumbs to the deadly "exophthalmos" punch.

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