Belinda Lovelace 01 - Karzan
Belinda Lovelace
is a secondary antagonist in the 1975 erotic Italian comic "Karzan n.6: Ciula il Gigante" (Ciula the Giant) as well as the primary antagonist of its sequel issue "Karzan n.7: A Caccia di Bigoli" (The Hunt for Bigoli).

A poacher, Belinda makes her first appearance shooting and killing a giraffe that protagonist Karzan and his lover Jane happen to be riding on. After noticing how well-endowed the jungle man is, she convinces her husband then load the two unconscious humans into their vehicle. Along the way, her husband stops to fetch their African servants. When he returns, he finds that Belinda took the opportunity to perform fellatio on Karzan. The husband is outraged, but Belinda solves the problem by killing him with her flare gun and giving his carcass to the servants, who are in fact cannibals.

Karzan and Jane eventually regain consciousness, but not for long, as Belinda introduces herself and drugs them shortly after. The poacher leaves Jane behind, telling her cannibal servants that they are welcome to her as well, and drives off with Karzan in tow. When the wild man awakens, Belinda tells him that Jane requested to stay behind, but he does not buy it. Karzan invites the woman to stop for some intercourse, which she eagerly accepts. When they get out, however, he knocks her out with his fist. Karzan then attempts to escape in the vehicle, but because he has never operated one, he clumsily backs up and crushes Belinda's head with the spinning tires (which he quickly acknowledges as a happy accident).

Belinda Lovelace 02 - Karzan
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