The evil Bela Khan

Bela Khan (Indira Varma) is the main villainess from "Assassin," episode 7.14 of Law & Order: Criminal Intent (airdate June 29, 2008).

Bela Khan is a political activist from Sri Lanka, who was under house arrest in New York City. During one of her rallies, her brother, Rani, is shot and killed by an unnamed assassin on a wheelchair. At the end of the episode, Bela's husband, AJ, is accused of the murder when Bela turns against him and shames him for committing the crime.

However, it turned out that Bela was the true villainous mastermind behind her brother's murder, as she sacrificed him to gain attention from the press. Video from rally showed that Bela intentionally shoved Rani into the line of fire of the assassin, which was also Bela's idea. Bela also donned a pink outfit just to make sure that her brother's blood would stand out. Jasmina, Bela's niece and Rani's daughter, stated that while she didn't suspect her aunt, her grandmother did. Shocked that her niece would "betray" her, the evil Bela slapped Jasmina, before she was handcuffed and arrested. Even while being arrested, Bela proclaims that she will survive everything that has happened to her, referring to her arrest as another attack against her.

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