The evil Becca

Becca (Chelsea Bruland) is a villainess from "I Know What You Did Last Summer", the Season 2 premiere of the MTV series Scream (airdate May 30, 2016). She was a character in a horror movie that was being aired at the Zenith Theater during the episode's opening, appearing as the best friend of the film's unnamed protagonist.

The film-within-a-film started with the protagonist calling Becca, recounting her date that night and admonishing Becca for her habit of "hooking up". She then hung up the call to search for her cat, Butterscotch, finding her in the attic. Suddenly, a hooded figure came down from the rafters behind the protagonist while brandishing a knife, sneaking up on her as she called Becca.

The figure was revealed to be Becca when her phone went off as her friend called her, startling her. As she proclaimed how Becca's "joke" was not funny, the evil Becca suddenly took the knife and began stabbing and slashing at her friend, cementing Becca's heel turn. When the blonde-haired girl asked why Becca was attacking her, the villainess replied that she had grown tired of being "slut shamed" by her friend before shoving her through the window to her death. The rest of the movie is not shown, leaving Becca's fate unknown.


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