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Beba (Beba Loncar) is a secondary antagonist in the 1967 Europsy film "Lucky, the Inscrutable", which was orginally entitled, "Lucky, el intrepido".

Beba is first seen when she throws a message to our hero, Lucky the Inscrutable (Ray Danton), while he is enjoying breakfast up on the veranda of his hotel in Rome.  The message which lands in his coffee, tells him to look for the man dressed in white at Market of Spies.  At the time Brunhilde is dressed in a black fur coat revealing her long legs.

At the Market of Spies, Lucky meets up with the man in white named Michele (Dante Posani), and the two agree to meet up later.

When Lucky arrives at Michele’s apartment, Beba is seen making out behind a dressing screen with Michele.  Only her long legs are present, and she scurries to answer the door bell in a red robe.

Lucky tells Michele he is ready to take the plane to Albania.  Lucky has been ordered to go to Albania by Archangel in order to find a counterfeiting factory.  He then speaks Serbian with Beba as she is once again making out with Michele.

We then see Beba sliping a pill in a drink and handing it to Lucky.  The drink is smoking, and after Lucky drinks it, he tells Michele that it was the best glass of poison he ever drank.  Beba pulls out a Serbian pistol, and Lucky grabs it from her.  She rushes away and runs toward the window and pulls out another pistol from her garter belt.  She tells them hands up and then shoots Lucky’s cup before she rushes out on the veranda.

Lucky and Michele rush up to the roof and give Beba chase.  She fires several shots at them and the chase continues.  There is plenty of comical relief, as Beba takes a break and poses for a picture for a man on top of a random balcony.  She then runs through a tunnel and three priests take a long gaze at her before making the cross sign, as if to forgive them for the impure thoughts they just had at watching the lovely lady.

Finally, Beba rushes down a flight of stairs and is hit by a car.  Lucky arrives just as she expires and tells him a number.  He asks if it is a code, and she tells him "no, it is the license plate for the car that hit me".  She then dies.


  • Beba Loncar appeared as Helen in the 1965 Italian comedy film "Slalom".
  • Beba Loncar appeared as Pandora in the 1967 film "Some Girls Do".  She makes up a duo of female assassins along with Helga Hagen (Daliah Lavi).


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