Beautiful Gorgeous Wedding Dress

Evil femme fatale Beautiful Gorgeous

Beautiful Gorgeous (voiced by Wendie Malick) was a recurring villainess from the animated Nickelodeon show Jimmy Neutron. She was the daughter of Professor Calamitous, another recurring villain, who raised her to become evil. She's a seductive femme fatale, using her looks and natural charm to defeat her enemies.

Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion Edit

In her first appearance, she "rescues" Jimmy Neutron, Carl Wheezer, and Sheen Estevez from the ocean, the trio having gotten lost on their way to rescue Jet Fusion. She instantly charms all of the boys before revealing her villainous nature, preparing to kill them with a harpoon. The boys are able to escape, but later re encounter her, learning her relation to Professor Calamitous. She and her father are defeated when they get caught in an avalanche, sending them hurtling to the bottom of the mountain where they are apprehended. 

My Big Fat Spy Wedding Edit

After being released from prison for good behavior, Beautiful Gorgeous became romantically involved with Jet Fusion, her arch nemesis, having appeared to have had a heel face turn in prison. After learning the two were planning on getting married, Jimmy was initially suspicious, but was eventually convinced Beauty Gorgeous had really been rehabilitated. But soon after this, Beautiful Gorgeous reveals she is still very much evil when she hypnotizes Jet to kill Jimmy during their upcoming wedding when he says "I have the ring" (Jimmy having agreed to be their best man). That way, Jimmy would be eliminated and Jet would be imprisoned. When Jimmy finds out about her scheme, she briefly traps him in a cage and tells him all the details of her evil plan before wiping his memory. She also traps Sheen and Carl so they can't interfere. But they escape and are able to warn Jimmy just in time. They then foil Beautiful Gorgeous's plan by having everyone at the wedding sing "I Have The Ring", eventually tiring the hypnotized Jet Fusion and breaking the hypnosis. Beautiful Gorgeous tries to escape, but is stopped by Jet and promptly arrested.


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