Beatrice Lawrence

Greedy villainess Beatrice Lawrence

Beatrice Lawrence (Lynne Griffin) is a villainess from "The Hunter", episode 1.17 of Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye (airdate May 4, 2003). She was a chicken raiser who was suing FBI agent Jack Hudson, as a year prior to the episode's events, Jack accidentally crushed her prized rooster Phillip to death when he leaped into her backyard while in pursuit of a suspect.

Jack had previously attempted to resolve the suit by offering to buy Beatrice a new rooster, only for her to claim the accident had not only left her and her chickens traumatized, but that the chickens were no longer able to lay eggs. At the hearing, Beatrice was seen in a mess of tears, proclaiming that her chickens were also left with acute depression after Phillip's death and that their inabillity to lay eggs was also causing her both emotional and financial hardship.

Jack responded to Beatrice's claims that her chickens were depressed by claiming that it was impossible, sending Beatrice into another fit of sobs as her lawyer had one of Beatrice's chickens named Patty brought into the room, trying to display that her lethargic demeanor was proof of the chickens' being depressed. Later on, though, Jack would find evidence that Patty was likely hypnotized to appear depressed and that Beatrice was suing him for $50,000, revealing Beatrice as a greedy and opportunistic villainess.

Not wanting Beatrice's frivolous lawsuit to be a drain on the FBI's resources, Jack began working to prove she was lying about her chickens being unable to lay eggs, enlisting the help of past informant Howie Fines. Jack's plan had Howie hiding out in Beatrice's chicken coop to record evidence that her chickens were healthy, with Howie eventually being able to record one of the chickens laying an egg and allowing the footage to be presented at the hearing. While Beatrice's lawyer attempted to argue that the footage was doctored, Dimitrius Gans revealed that DNA tests proved the egg was authentic and laid by one of Beatrice's chickens. Having cornered Beatrice, Jack once again offered to buy Beatrice a new rooster as compensation, with the villainess acqueiscing to Jack's deal.


  • Lynne Griffin also appeared in 1983's Curtains as psychotic serial killer Patti O'Connor.
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