Beatrice Basler is one of the antagonist vampires in the animation Strike the Blood.

Beatrice Basler A

Episode Edit

1st Season 9~12 episodes.

Appearance Edit

Blonde haired busty women with light purple eyes. Normally wears a magenta jumpsuit with her hair loose. When she pretend as an secretary, she wore glasses, a maroon blazer and skirt with her hair clipped.

Story Edit

Beatrix is a descendant of the unidentified no. 3 genuine vampire "chaos of Princess", with the purpose of making a clone of the Royal personality. She first appeared in episode 9, acting as the assistant of a chairman, while her actual identity was a terrorist vampire undergoing evil plans aiming for La Folia, the princess of an empire. In episode 12 she involved in battle with the heroine group, the heroine Yukina doesn't overtake either Beatrice's abilities against the ability of Red snake, whereas intensely stroke her. In the end she is gunned down, amok, shown as a bad loser. And then when she tried to make the last resistance, she was cut by a deadly blow by La Folia when the Princess applied convulsions "squeezing the Show"and she was knocked down again, lamenting and lost her consciousness.[1]

References Edit

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