Hidden villainess Beatrice

Beatrice is the hidden villainess of In The Wake of the Werewolf, a story from Forbidden Worlds #17 (released in May 1953). She was a young woman who lived in a desolate house with elderly couple Frank and Minnie. In the comic's beginning, professional thief Larry Coe was in the midst of robbing the house when he overheard a commotion between Beatrice and her landlords.

As Larry attempted to flee the house, Beatrice rushed over to him and begged him to help her, proclaiming that Frank and Minnie were "stark mad" and were trying to kill her. Frank and Minnie (who were armed respectively with an ax and wooden stake) proclaimed that Beatrice was a vampire, an accusation that Beatrice strenuously denied. Larry, having been instantly taken by Beatrice's beauty, fought off Frank and Minnie and fled with Beatrice to her bedroom, which was equipped with a heavy steel door.

As Larry and Beatrice rested, Beatrice revealed that Frank and Minnie had locked her in the bedroom for discovering that they were werewolves. Larry initially believe Beatrice to be traumatized and not thinking clearly, but witnessed through the peephole Frank and Minnie transforming into werewolves. It was then that Beatrice turned heel and revealed herself to be a werewolf as well, while also stating that she had been insulted by Frank and Minnie accusing her of being a vampire. The comic ends with the insinuation that Beatrice murdered Larry.

Quotes Edit

  • "Now you know how I felt when they came up here tonight and accused me of being a vampire! They lied! I'm not a vampire...I'm just as good a werewolf as they are!" (Beatrice's dialogue leading to her heel turn and reveal as a werewolf)


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