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The psychotic Bathroom Assailant

The unnamed Bathroom Assailant (Amy Wickenheiser) is the villainess of "The Hole Next Door", a short film released by CryptTV (release date July 5, 2017).

The film opened with Olivia (the film's main protagonist) entering a public bathroom and, as she began to undo her pants, she heard a strange humming coming from the stall next door. When Olivia looked into the stall through a peephole, she saw another woman standing over the peephole, clutching a pair of manicure scissors in her hand.

Taken aback, Olivia backs away from the hole, but reluctantly looks through again. As she begins to see that what she's looking at is a mirror, the psychotic woman plunges the scissors through the peephole, gouging Olivia in the eye. As Olivia pulls the scissors out, along with her eye, and screams out in agony, her psychotic assailant stands against the wall and continues to hum, her victim's blood on her face.



The Hole Next Door - Short Horror Film - Crypt TV