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Baroness Camilla is the evil co-protagonist in the 1988 Italian comic "Superfumetti #1: Sadomania" by publisher Edifumetto.

Shortly after World War I, Camilla and her husband bring hapless victims to their villa so that they may sexually torture and then murder them for their entertainment. The first one presented in the story is a man whom the husband uses for target practice using his crossbow. From there, begins the main segment of the tale.

Camilla disguises herself as a nun and heads into the Palazzo di Giustizua, where hoards of women, each in despair for the lives of their male relatives that were claimed in the war, have gathered. She manages to find a girl named Linda who is suitable to her desire. She drugs the girl, and then takes her back to the villa. When Linda finally awakes, she is subjected to several cruel traps and ghastly sights while exploring the domain before finally stumbling onto the devilish couple.

As a grand finale, Camilla decides to kill Linda by lighting her on fire while a goat performs oral sex on her. Unfortunately for the villainess and her husband, the animal also catches fire and, in a scared panic, begins running all around the room. The sadistic couple then perish as the villa goes up in flames.

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