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Barbarocious (Ying Qu) is a secondary villainess in the 1997 Chinese-American fantasy film "Warriors of Virtue".  Her vocals were done by Venus Terzo.

Barbarocious serves as one of Lord Komodo's loyal lueutenants and skilled assassins.  Lord Komodo (Angus Macfadyen) was an evil human sorcerer and deadly martial artist who led an army of his fellow natives of the forst-like magic land of Tao.  They were obsessed with searching the key to achieve eternal life.

She and two fellow lieutenants Mantose and Dullard, capture the newcomer named Ryan.

Barbarocious later killed the young warrior and ally, Elysia (Marley Shelton), whom she hated for being Komodo's favorite and lover.  In addition, Elysia had become a traitor, by helping to free Ryan.

She wears black with a horned black headress and a dark cape with a spider web pattern design.

Barbarocious was later killed by Lord Komodo's negative kung for murdering Elysia.


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