Barbara Warrick

Deceased villainess Barbara Warrick

Barbara Warrick (Jenina MacGillivray) was a hidden villainess from "Body of Evidence", episode 6.08 of Republic of Doyle (airdate December 3, 2014). She was an interior designer who hired the Doyles' services in breaking into her house as a way of testing her home's security system.

However, it was ultimately revealed that Barbara's hiring of the Doyles was part of a plot to frame them for robbery. Prior to the episode's events, Barbara was married to security company owner Jerry Warrick, though she was also the object of affection of her neighbor, Philip Miles. Barbara turned heel and colluded with Philip in a plot to kill her husband, with Philip poisoning Jerry with cardio glycosides from a lily (him having studied horticulture in college).

While Barbara believed she would be inheriting her husband's money in the wake of his death, she soon after learned that Jerry had been in immense tax debt and that the government was seizing their home and everything she owned now that he was dead. Upon learning this, the evil Barbara formulated her plot as a way to make off with her money and frame the Doyles as robbers, staging her bedroom to look like they had broken in before taking the money from her safe and stashing it inside a wall to collect later. After triggering the security alarm, Barbara intended to hide in the attic until the police left her house. But as she was climbing up the attic ladder, the heel on Barbara's shoe broke, causing her to fall off the ladder and strike her head, killing her.

Inspector Vince Pickard spent much of the episode believing the Doyles had committed the robbery and that Jake Doyle was responsible for Barbara's death, but Jake (with the help of Sergeant Leslie Bennett) was able to expose Barbara as a greedy and murderous villainess. The key pieces of evidence to Barbara's attempted robbery were her broken high heel being found near the attic ladder and traces of wallpaper glue found under her fingernails, from where she'd stashed her money in the walls.

Trivia Edit

  • Barbara Warrick is the final one-shot villainess of Republic of Doyle.
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