Miss Wakefield 01
Barbara Wakefield (Suzanne Lloyd) is a villainess who appears in an episode of the TV series “The Avengers” (the Murder market).

Steed and Mrs Peel are investigating investigate a murder-for-hire organization fronting as a matchmaking bureau. The chief assassin is Miss Wakefield, who uses her beauty to lull her male suspects into a false sense of security, before shooting them.

Steed and Mrs Peel infiltrate the gang and eventually find enough evidence to bring them to justice. Miss Wakefield tries to destroy the files which incriminate her, but Mrs Peel barges into the room and knocks her across a table. Miss Wakefield attacks Mrs Peel with a letter knife, but is disarmed and then thrown over a sofa. In one desperate last attempt Miss Wakefield leaps at Mrs Peel, but is karate chopped in mid-air. She lands in Steeds arms in a senseless state, before finally slipping into unconsciousness.


Miss Wakefield 02

A beautiful woman...

Miss Wakefield 03

She is not to be messed with...

Suzanne Lloyd 001

Mrs Peel tackles Miss Wakefield and Mrs Stone.

Miss Wakefield 04

Miss Wakefield regrets taking on Mrs Peel...

Miss Wakefield 05

Out cold...

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