Barbara Raymond

The evil Barbara Raymond

Barbara Raymond (Penny Fuller) is the main villainess from "The Gigolo," episode 2.15 of Matlock (airdate January 19, 1988). She is a widow who had been taking up dancing in the years following the loss of her husband, and in the last year, Barbara had been taking lessons under dance instructor Scott Lazar.

During that time, Barbara fell in love with Scott, and imagined herself as Scott's lover. However, after learning that Scott was actually involved in a relationship with married Laura Frazier, Barbara became enraged. Barbara began her plan to kill Laura, beginning with borrowing Laura's car keys and making a copy. She later lured Laura to a deserted road, and went to a tanning salon and signed herself in to create an alibi. Later that night, the evil Barbara snuck out the back door and drove Laura's car to the road, where she ran over and killed Laura. The villainess planted Scott's fountain pen in the car, which resulted in Scott being charged in Laura's murder.

After killing Laura, Barbara drove Laura's car back to the Frazier estate, and then took her own car and sped back to the tanning salon. However, a speed trap at Highway 10 led to Barbara receiving a citation, and knowing that the citation would tie her to Laura's murder, Barbara had Judge Archibald Smith (a friend of her father's) fix and cover up the ticket. The ticket and the cover up was presented by Matlock as proof that Barbara had killed Laura, and following this, Barbara broke down in court, confirming her loneliness as a widow as a motive. Barbara was arrested (off-screen) for killing Laura Frazier.

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