Bar Woman

The villainous Bar Woman

The unnamed Bar Woman (Claire Smithies) is a hidden villainess from the 2018 Hallmark film, Morning Show Mystery Murder on the Menu, the second film of the Morning Show Mystery series (airdate July 22, 2018). She is the live-in nurse for Victor Anderson, who was paralyzed in a car accident.

Victor Anderson was the business partner for famed chef Primo Maxx, who was long believed to have not only embezzled from the business, but also murdered his fiancée, Rose Brown, and a woman named Jessica Gilmar. In actuality, Victor was the embezzler, stealing the money out of jealousy and his belief that Primo was getting all the glory, and he killed Rose to cover his tracks. Victor's accident was inadvertently caused by his son, Gibby Anderson, as he tampered with the car under the belief that Primo was the embezzler.

The unnamed nurse became a villainous conspirator in Victor's activities, as she colluded with Victor to kill Jessica when she was investigating her friend's murder. The villainess later donned a disguise and was shown at a bar before posing as a chef and creating an explosion on a prepared chocolate dish, doing so to help Victor set up Primo, which resulted in his arrest. Billie Blessings' investigation led to Primo's release, and it was Lucy Delaney (the replacement for the first film's villainess, Kiki Owens) who figured out that the bar woman and the nurse were the same person, as a tattoo on her chest connected them. Meanwhile, the evil nurse knocked out Gibby and then covered her tracks by dialing 911.

Even so, it was still believed that the nurse was working with Primo, but Billie's confrontation with Victor revealed him as the true killer, and the nurse as the accomplice. The villainess pointed a gun at Billie, leading to the pair driving Billie to an isolated area where they planned to kill her. However, Billie had secretly called police during the drive, leading to Detective Ian Jackson arriving and placing Victor and his nurse under arrest.

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